February 2019
It was a great pleasure to work Krishna, expert in industry.. his detailed guidance and advice is worth and always beneficial to you and your future.
Ansar MK

February 2019
Krishna is very methodical, frank, sincere and down to earth. You can trust him infinitely to get the best deal possible for you.
Vijay Kentingal

January 2019
It was an excellent and knowledgeable experience working with Krishna.
Lie Lie W

January 2019
Krishna is a very skilled financial professional. He was able to arrange home equity funds which bank were not able to help. He is very easy to deal with and very organized in his work. He takes time to explain financial and mortgage conditions and helps us to make the right choices. I loved his prompt service and professionalism. I would definitely recommend him for any of your financial and mortgage needs. Thank you Krishna for your help in arranging the funds when it was needed!
Sony Poulose

December 2018
Krishna was really helpful in finding the perfect mortgage for me. He definitely deserves A+ for his service.
Sabir Kunnath

November 2018
I have had several clients in common with Krishna. All have been very complimentary about the wonderful job he does tailoring mortgages to their needs .

I have also asked him questions concerning my own clients’ mortgage needs. He has always been extremely knowledgeable, knowing not only the technical aspects of the mortgage world, but also the practicalities to properly serve someone in need.

He really does provide “expert mortgage financing when you need it the most”.
John Mullen

November 2018

A family member needed a solution to a complicated mortgage qualification situation. Krishna was able to secure a mortgage with a secondary lender and resolve a situation that others had not been able to do.
Ted Soward

November 2018
Krishna is excellent! He knows his way around banks and private lenders to get you the best finances you need. He shares all the little ways that make a big impact on improving credit scores , if needed! Thank you Krishna.
Balbir K. Pabila

October 2018
Excellent Service….Krishna did his best to get us our mortgage and covered all of our needs.
Tudora Benjamen

October 2018
We were finding it challenging to get homeloan from bank and also at a reasonable interest. This was when we referred to Krishna by a friend. He was nothing different than what my friend spoke about Krishna very highly of. He is very cordial, helpful and was able to get the best rate and the loan we wanted. He is trust worthy and ready to go that extra mile. We feel happy that we got associated with Krishna.
Shiva Chakkoli