September 2017
As a financial advisor and insurance broker, I wanted to help each of my clients find a more affordable and customized lending solution that would match the actual unique realities of their lifestyle, and not simply have a bank dictate the terms of a very narrow outcome. In addition to getting a wider set of options from a large range of lenders to cherry-pick from, Krishna offers an even deeper value by also actually listening and getting to know each person beyond the cold paper file folder, and then constructs the solution that best mirrors a person’s overall long-term objectives — not just a Band-Aid approach for an immediate financial need.

His willingness to offer that fuller counsel to clients actually saves them tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments alone — which directly serves the family’s bottom line at home, rather than line the pockets of the banks.

If you’ve hit the wall trying to get a great deal that’s also coupled with superior service, then you’re simply looking in the wrong place and simply need to call Krishna. Yes, he can certainly do the right numbers for you, but most of all, he can do the right ‘thing’ for you.

In my experience, if you’re looking for the ideal « go to » person for a home mortgage or for financing your rental property, he’s ‘THAT’ guy. Make life easier on yourself and just call him.
Gary Schneider

June 2017
I had to qualify for 2 mortgages at the same time and getting approved at the bank was becoming nearly impossible. That’s when I contacted Krishna, he provided great advice, was very frank and approachable. He put the application together with ease and got back to us with an approval in just a few days. Krishna, thank you for your honesty and professionalism in making this experience exceptional. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Harjot Bajwa

June 2017
Krishna, thank you very much for the help with my mortgage financing. As a first time home buyer, I was confused and lost in regard to how to go about everything. You were always available to answer my questions, patient and accommodating. I liked the way you came up with so many options while my lender was able to provide me with only one. There will certainly be more business coming your way.
Avi Kaur

April 2017
Krishna was a great help in arranging our mortgage for us. Give him a chance and he will not disappoint!
Joseph Bata

March 2017
Being a first time home buyer Mr Menon really helped us secure the best mortgage within a short closing period. He was very professional and made sure the whole process went smooth. We are very happy and highly recommend his service.
Thanks once again!
Rohit and Sithara

January 2017
Krishna helped me in securing mortgage for my new house and another investment house. I was working with a mortgage agent who couldn’t help me with my mortgage needs. Then I found Krishna who not only made the deal possible but also ensured that the whole process was very smooth. We had only few days left before closing and he ensured that we meet the deadline. I highly recommend him for all the mortgage needs.
Sunil Kumar

November 2016
Krishna really did an outstanding job helping me set up our mortgage. We really put him to the test when some further issues came to light and Krishna, thankfully, had years of experience and wisdom which he used to guide us through the very strenuous process of meeting the lender’s guidelines for approval! We really put him through the ringer but he was kind and gracious through it all.. thank you!
Michelle Da Cruz

September 2016
We used Krishna for refinancing our current property and buying an investment property at the same time. Having bought our current property many years ago we had forgotten all the small things required to move forward. Krishna helped us answer any questions we had never making us feel like we we wasting his time. (and we had a lot of questions..)
He was always prompt to return calls even over the weekend when I never expected a return call. The man never sleeps! I have already recommended him to a friend and will continue to do so.
J c

June 2016
Krishna was my mortgage broker for my 3rd home. The closing date for my new home was 1 week earlier than the existing home that I was selling. Krishna was able to arrange a bridge loan with no issues and also a good rate on my new mortgage.
nita Menon

February 2016

Mr. Menon helped us so much. We really appreciate his kind help. We would recommend everyone to come to him.

Pandher family